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Energy Solutions

Enterprise views Sustainable (Green) building as more than a polite gesture of responsible corporate citizenship and pursuit of the inherent environmental benefits; we’re also about saving our clients substantial construction, operations and maintenance costs over the life of a building. With Lighting and HVAC most often accounting for the majority of total consumed energy, they often represent the greatest opportunity for savings as well. It’s small wonder that over 40% of a LEED certification applies directly to work that Electrical Contractors perform.

Simply put, an effective energy strategy is a holistic view with an integrated approach: Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, and Responsible Energy Production.

Performing an Energy Audit is the first step in transforming commercial and industrial buildings such as offices, manufacturing, and municipal facilities into energy efficient and cost-effective structures. The greenest buildings are actually existing buildings that have gone through an Energy Audit, and then retrofitted with electrical efficiencies..…this practice keeps construction related waste out of landfills.

The process of Energy Auditing provides valuable information about energy usage and identifies opportunities to enhance efficiency and cost savings. As part of this process, we thoroughly evaluate and analyze your energy systems, usage history and rate structures. The Financial Model we generate as a result of the Energy Audit will give you an accurate ROI and Benefit/Cost ratio on which you can make an honest assessment and an informed decision.

Advanced Lighting Control (ALC) is the future of lighting and offers building owners and managers a great opportunity to reduce utility bills and improve lighting efficiency. The utilization of area-specific lighting control, coupled with daylight harvesting and the use of more efficient light fixtures in commercial offices can reduce electricity consumption by up to 50% depending on solutions deployed.

The California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP) is a statewide initiative aimed at increasing the use of lighting controls in commercial buildings. Numerous initiatives, tax rebates and incentives are available for qualifying installations. Enterprise has made a significant investment as one of the first CALCTP certified contractors in the Southern California market, and has performed numerous Advanced Lighting Control installations in the commercial, industrial and educational campus environments.

Responsible Energy Production rounds out our integrated approach with renewable or alternative energy installations; photovoltaic, advanced energy storage, or fuel cell technologies. It’s not uncommon that the size and capacity of a PV array necessary to reach an intended goal is greatly reduced as a result of the efficiencies gained through the Energy Auditing process. Numerous initiatives, tax rebates and incentives are also available for qualifying installations.

Turn your “Mega-watts” to “Nega-watts” and let our LEED Accredited Professionals guide you through your next sustainable building project.

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